Strange Candle Scents That Are Available Online

Candles make an excellent gift for a friend or a loved one, no matter the occasion. Candles that are placed in ornamental jars and containers make great home decoration. They also smell really good, and can rid your home of many bad odors. A well-crafted and good-smelling candle will always be widely appreciated. More importantly, there are high-end candles out there such as those from Fox & Feather Co that just give you that chic and unique vibe, and would make the recipient appreciate them more.

However, not all candles smell good. In fact, there are some unconventional candle scents out there that would leave you scratching your head in confusion. Check out this candle selection of the strangest candle scents that you can find online.

First, there are prank candles that smell like farts. This a great prank gift option when you want to make someone laugh or get back at someone else’s prank on you. Fart-scented candles smell like apple pies at first, so the recipient would be lulled into thinking that everything is okay. However, after a few minutes, the scent would gradually transform into that vitriolic scent that would send the recipient of your gift running out of their home.

Second, you can also find meat candles online. For meat lovers, this may not be such a big deal, but almost anyone can admit that anything meat scented is just plain weird. Perhaps this actually depends on the kind of meat? Cooked steak with a hint of fragrant spices can be tolerable, but the actual smell of raw meat is a definite no for most people. Learn more at

Third, you can also find marijuana candles from numerous sellers online. With the legalization of marijuana and its inclusions as an ingredient in so many products such as makeup or face creams, it should probably not come as any surprise that the cannabis plant has also invaded the candle industry. Most marijuana candles that you can find online are manufactured from cannabis essential oil. Since they are made from cannabis essential oil, don’t expect the to get the high that you would typically get with weed and similar products.

Finally, and probably the strangest scent in this list, is a Joe Biden scented candle. And it doesn’t stop there. There is actually an entire line of candles that are patterned after famous politicians like Obama, Trudeau, Putin, and Trump! Get more details at

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